All Dressed Up

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A fast-paced contemporary romance for young adults told from two perspectives. The story follows a girl, Rachel, who tweets a photo of a cute boy, Kyle, that suddenly goes viral, à la Alex from Target, setting off a chain of events that forces them both to question whether fame–and love–are worth the price. Published February 14, 2017, from HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books.

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Choose Your Own Misery Series

CYOM: The Office

Hungover and stuck at a job you hate, will you show up for your big presentation, or duck out with Debby, the HR rep with an FDR fetish? Play the weird lump on your back for office-wide sympathy, or dive into an internet spiral that can only end in “ten kinds of cancer”? Tell someone about the weird genital-fondling that’s happening at the crystal healer’s, or just accept that this is the best substitute you’ll find for love, today…or maybe ever?

CYOM: The Holidays

This is the year you’re going to do it: you’re going to avoid Christmas completely. . . or you were, until your island getaway got washed out by a hurricane. Now you have to choose how to endure the holidays (and we’re sorry to tell you, it won’t end well for you). Once you unwrap all the holiday misery hiding in these pages, the blackness of your heart will rival any lump of coal.

CYOM: Dating

The only thing worse than getting back on the dating horse? The brutal loneliness of perpetual singledom. That’s why you’re putting in the effort to find your soulmate…or at least someone to warm your bed for a night. Playing as one of two characters, you get to choose just how bad your dating life gets. . . just remember, the misery isn’t about the destination, it’s there on every step of the journey.